Your new Zamar Strings instrument is granted the following “limited lifetime” warranty.

During the building stages the buyer is allowed to cancel their order for a full refund up until the time that the body is closed. Buyers will be informed and updated as to the instruments progress on a regular basis. After the body is closed, a canceled order will receive a partial refund equal to the cost of the electronic system.

Upon delivery of an instrument, buyers are given 30 days to return the instrument if not satisfied for personal reasons for a partial refund as long as the instrument is returned in the exact condition it is delivered in. The price of the electronic system will be refunded, plus 25% off the material costs. If an instrument is unsatisfactory due to damage, defect, or flaws that are the responsibility of Zamar Strings, a full refund will be given.

Zamar String instruments come with a 2 year warranty between Zamar Strings and the original owner. Should a problem arise that is the responsibility of Zamar Strings, the instrument will be repaired free of charge. This 2 year free repair warranty is not valid for problems that arise due to the following:

  1. Improper Instrument Care: Instruments should be maintained at 65-70 Degrees Farhenheit at 45%, +/- 5, relative humidity. Extreme temperature/humidity, and rapid changes in temperature/humidity may damage the natural wood and the joints.
  2. Defects caused by user error, mishandling, negligence, and carelessness.
  3. Improper Storage: Zamar Strings recommends that instruments be kept in hard cases for storing and transporting, however, Zamar Strings is not responsibility for faulty or insufficient instrument casing that leads to instrument problems or damage.
  4. Modifications or changes of any kind to strucure of the instrument done by the owner of the instrument or any qualified or unqualified person unless the express permission of Zamar Strings has been given. This excludes basic changes such as strings, chinrest, finetuners, or shoulder rests.

Electronic systems are not guaranteed by Zamar Strings. Electronic guarantees are according to the manufacturer that provides the electronic system. Only the installation process and wiring done by Zamar Strings is guaranteed by Zamar Strings.