If you are interested in having Zamar Strings build your customized instrument please call or e-mail. All orders are done through one-on-one consultations over the phone or in person (click here to view order form). The ordering process will follow these basic steps.

1. Consultation: The first objective will be to discuss the type or model of instrument you are looking for (intended use, preferences, basic cost, etc). When an instrument is selected, customizable options will be discussed such as the number of strings, woods, inlays, hardware styles, electronics, personal preferences, etc.

2. Preliminary quote: After the consultation you will be contacted back with a preliminary quote based on the customized options and the cost and availability of materials. (see cost analysis)

3. Final quote: After the preliminary quote is reviewed, we will work to continue finalizing the instrument features to create an initial quote which will then be used to begin production. If significant changes are decided during the production phase, a change of order form will be used to account for the new changes. A revised quote will be given with each change of order from.

4. Production and Payments: A downpayment equal to the cost of the main building materials (body, neck, fingerboard) is required to begin production. This cost excludes the cost of the electronics and hardware (pegs, chin rest, etc). A second payment for the electronics is required before the electronics and hardware can be installed. The remainder of the cost will be due when the instrument is delivered. A payment schedule can be set up to help keep track of costs and remaining dues.

Production Time: A time line will be discussed during the consultation. It is safe to assume a minimum of 4 months from the start of production. During the production process buyers will be updated on a regular basis as to the progress of the instrument. Buyers are also welcome to come see the progress in person.

5. Pick-up/Delivery: Once completed a time will be arranged for pick-up or delivery. The final balance will be due upon delivery. It is ideal to deliver or pick-up the instrument in person so the instument can be set up and tested. If shipping is required, the buyer is responsible for shipping costs and insurance (recommended) and set-ups will be the responsibility of the buyer.