Cost Analysis

Total price is based on the materials and options chosen for each instrument. After the first consulation a more accurate price will be quoted. Below is a summary of costs that can be used as a guide to begin pricing and planning.

Order Form You may download the following order form to further assist your planning. This form will be used to create each order.

Cost Analysis

Electronics: price range based on quality and features of pickup installed.

Hardware: price range based on quality, desired materials, and styles.

Materials: price range based on availability and value of materials. Body material prices depend on the type of wood, musical grade, and wood characteristics (grain, curl, etc).

*Bridges: Full Bridge Pickups take the place of a traditional bridge.

**Labor and Resources: This will vary depending on the detail involved with each instrument and will be determined during the consultations.

Suppliers: Below is a short list of some of the suppliers used by Zamar Strings. Woods are purchased from local wood supply companys and through domestic ordering based on availability and quality.

Metropolitan Music Company
International Violin
Barbera Transducers
Hearne Hardwoods
Steward MacDonald
Shar Music
Dove Schmidt Music
Maple Leaf Hardwoods

Average Cost Ranges

    Performance Series  
  Items Violin Cello Studio Cello
Electronics Barbera, fishman,... 100-400 100-600 100-600
Hardware pegs, fine tuners 15 30 30
tailpiece, chinrest 30 n/a n/a
shoulder rest 25 n/a n/a
endpin n/a 15-60 15-60
bridge* 20+ 20+ 20+
strings 50 130 130
Materials fingerboards 30 50-100 50-100
neck and blocks 10 25 25
body material 50-150 130-400 25-200
Subtotal (low end/high end)
400/900 750/1400 400/1200
Labor and Resources**
1000+ 1500+ 800
TOTAL (average ranges)
1500-2500 2350-3000 1200-2000