a superior line of custom designed electric stringed

instruments for the performing musician

Performance Series Violin and Cello

The Performance Series are semi acoustic instruments that combine the beauty of natural wood, the aesthetics of shape and form, and an astounding range of playability on stage. Acoustically they are quieter than a traditional instrument due to the reduced body chamber which make them great practice instrument in addition to being superior performance instruments. However, they can still produce a very pure and lovely sound that many accomplished and professional musicians have praised it for.

Plugged in, the performance series can range anywhere from a grand concert sound to a grunge distorted rock sound. The resonance chamber helps created a natural reverb that is picked up by the electronics to create a more authentic and full sound than the studio series. Other electric instruments that lack a resonant chamber also lack the natural resonance of a Zamar Strings instrument.

The performance violin comes with hand carved front and backs. The performance cello has a unique side profile as seen to the left. The top is hand carved top while the back is thinner wooden plate than contours to the shape of the instrument.


Studio Series Cellos

The studio series is only available as a cello. It is has no resonate chamber and puts out a more punchy sound. The acoustic sound and feel is much thinner and quieter than an acoustic cello, but it still can make for a nice quiet practice instrument.

This cello can be equipped with the same electronics as a performance series. The solid design lacks residual reverb to provide a “tighter” sound and response that may be preferred when processing the sound through more effects such as a distortion pedal. The studio series cello is balanced and designed so that it still feels fairly natural and similar to an acoustic cello while playing.

Currently the studio series is in a redesign process. Pictured here is the first studio cello. The new model will be similar to this. Please e-mail for inquires and availability.