All instruments come standard with traditional pegs. However, there is hopefully coming soon a new mechanical peg available for installation.

Friction Pegs

Mechanical Pegs

Friction Pegs

Virtually any peg can be selected to be installed into your instrument. It is wise to select the pegs to match the material used in the body. Pegs come in seemingly hundreds of varieties using ebony, rosewoods, snake wood, boxwood and more. There are also numerous shapes, style and inlays to choose from.

Mechanical Pegs Coming Soon

A new mechanical peg, the "Omega Peg," is currently in research and development and will hopefully be available soon as an option for buyers. These mechanical pegs are intended to make onstage tuning easier and eliminate peg slippage associated with friction pegs. This is especially useful for band and performance players who need to tune on stage while relying on electronic tuners.

The pegs will look like traditional pegs, will be hand made from a choice of woods, and will incorporating a gear mechanism with an anticipated 4:1 ratio. This is an exciting development opportunity for Zamar Strings.

If you are interested in more information, or if you are interested in partnering on the Omega Peg Project, please contact