Inlays and accent pieces make an instrument stand out and grab peoples attention. While the result has little to no effect on the sound, personalizing an instrument makes it unique and artistic.

Inlays and Accents
Inlay Materials
Original Inlays

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Inlays and accent pieces

Custom inlays will be discussed during consultations.

Common inlays include:

Button: usually of ebony

Corners: accent pieces to match the instrument

Scroll: accent pieces fitted into the scroll


Materials used for inlays are best used to contrast the main body material. Common materials include ebony, rosewood, walnut, zircote, bubinga, koa, bloodwood, and mother of pearl. Other inlay materials can be discussed during consultations. top

Original Inlays

Designing your own inlays can be discussed during consultations. It would be best to provide a drawing that can be discussed.

Customized inlays, like the ones pictured here in the back of the peg box add a personal touch to each instrument.