Zamar (זָמַר)
to touch the strings of a musical instrument, to play upon it, to make music, to celebrate in song and music, to give praise and sing psalms

The Mission

The mission of Zamar Strings is to produce a superior line of custom designed electric stringed instruments for the performing musician. A Zamar violin or cello is for anyone whose playing demands on-stage and “plugged-in” performance while not sacrificing the acoustic qualities and playability of a traditional instrument. top

The History

The beginning of what would become Zamar Strings started in the summer of 2000 with a summer project to make a single electric cello. I had grown up playing in a suzuki program, but I gave it up in middle school. I picked up other instruments and stayed involved with music and by college I wanted to start playing the cello again. My next door neighbor and best friend from childhood was experiment with building electric violins and that inspired me to take on a project of my own. Plus, a few pieces of maple were cheaper than a new instrument, especially on a college budget. That first project ended in what is now the studio series model.

The first cello proved my ability to create a functional electric cello.  Using it as a test bed I experimented with construction techniques, tone wood selection, and key geometric reference points.  Then I felt it was time to get serious.  I wanted a hollow bodied instrument that felt and handled more like an acoustic cello.  I also wanted to combine an artistic value of design, geometry, and form, while  still delivering a high quality authentic cello sound. After months of design work and experimenting I started my next instrument. That project concluded five months later in what is now the performance series cello. I got it into the hands of a few local musicians and the feed back was fantastic.

From the success of the cellos came the idea of starting my own instrument line, and Zamar Strings was born. To expand the line of instruments I designed the first violin, a 5-string, which was finished in the fall of 2008. The violin mimicked the overall cello design, but with a few variations. When completed the violin was given months of testing in the hands of gifted, professional, and internationally acclaimed violinists, and came back with critical acclaim. Early on Zamar Strings was achieving its mission. Classical trained and "purist" violinists, as well as rock band style violinists all raved about the feel, sound, and beauty of the instrument.

Zamar Strings is now in the beginning stages of what hopes to become a prolific line of high end electric instruments that combines the art of design and the features needed for optimal performance. top

The Name

The word “Zamar” comes from the Old Testament of the Bible. It is a Hebrew word and is used throughout the Old Testament in reference to making music and using instruments for song and praise. Naturally, it has become a fitting name for this line of electric instruments. top

The Logo

Like the logos? The logos for Zamar Strings were designed by Bonnie Walker of Michigan. For more on her work and inquiries, contact her at